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HOME-TUITION facility Class 1-12

All Subject Teachers Available all State Board (UP BOARD, CBSE BOARD, ICSE BOARD etc.)

Preprimary Students

kashyap International Academy is an early youth program, which enables kids to play while learning. The perfect age to get joined up with Preschool is between the ages of three and five. At this age, youngsters have high getting a handle on power and show unmistakable fascination for adapting new things.

Primary Students

Essential training comes after preschool and before optional instruction. Olympiads give you the best stage to improve the aptitudes on Mathematics and Science subjects. Separated the dynamic scholastic learning we will recognize kid’s capacities and potential and train them on Olympiads. All encompassing improvement is a commonsense way to deal with a far reaching learning framework where physical, social, passionate, personality and otherworldly development of a youngster is taken consideration. This style of instruction centers around simple learning as well as on executing what is found out. We accomplish this by encouraging Spell Bee, Quiz Debates and exercises

Middle and Senior School

Secondary Education is the stage in the training continuum liable for the advancement of the youthful during their pre-adulthood, the most quick period of their physical, mental and passionate development. It is at this very training level, especially in its first cycle, where esteems and demeanors shaped at elementary school are all the more solidly imbued close by the procurement of information and aptitudes. Alongside State Syllabus we will prepare High School understudies on M.Bipc and IIT and leading target tests which help them to keen and solid for the aggressive placement tests.


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